Mission Statement-

The Mixed Chix Society (MxCx©)was established in 2007 for the purpose of empowering women from all walks of life. The way that MxCx© accomplishes this follows:

  • Hold scheduled seminars with topics of interest to Women
  • Scheduled Seminars can be held in both English and Spanish language
  • Share group information to create more positive living lifestyles
  • Provide 'pool' network support and resources to women for improving their work/leisure interests
  • Provide women with a better vision, feeling of self-respect and empowerment

The primary focus of the MxCx© Society is to motivate women from all walks of life, share topics of interest and inspire each other to lead more positive lives. The Mixed Chix Society (MxCx©) considers all women to be part of the Mixed Chix Society global community. It is the belief of the founders that our 'women commonality' and diverse backgrounds makes us all an important and integral part of society with shared interests and resourceful contributions to mankind.
Our 'women bond' gives us our inherent right to create positive lives for ourselves. Through history, women have made great strides and at times compromised their dreams for a number of personal reasons. The Mixed Chix Society is about getting back on track while creating new opportunities and inspiration for each other in order to follow those dreams.
Women come in many flavors and have many talents that at times are not completely appreciated. Throughout history, women led nations, managed corporations, traveled the world and attained great fame as educators and speakers. These 'foremother Mixed Chix' have become the inspiration to other Mixed Chix. It is this inspiration that is the basic foundation for our Mixed Chix Society. It is this zeal to continue and inspire women that gives the Mixed Chix Society its own inspiration.
Finally, the Mixed Chix Society wants to empower all women - promoting well-being, support, prosperity, independence while building fences across the global market place.

Featured Mixed Chix-

Every month we will feature one of our Mixed Chix members. A woman who has helped to empower women around her or who has a story of empowerment in their life.

This month's featured Mixed Chix is:

MYRNA GALAN, owner of Galan Graphix.

Myrna graduated from The Art Institute and has worked as a graphic designer since 1993. Myrna's beautiful work may be seen in many of our flyers and brochures. She started her company in 2008 and we wish to show our support by featuring her as this month's outstanding Mixed Chix.

Myrna is a very active Mixed Chix in her community. Not only is she a member of our society but she is also an active member with NHPO, Las Comadres, Hispanic Women Network of Texas, Greater Women Chamber of Commerce, BPN, Hispanic Business Network and serves on the board of Hispanic Women in Leadership.

For more information on Myrna and to see samples of her work please contact her at 713-203-6927 or galan_graphix@yahoo.com.

Congratulations Myrna!

We hope to see more of you in the future!


                2011 EVENTS

February   -Celebrate   Red Month

May- Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

July-  The Vintage 15 Jazz Concert




Saturday July 2, 2011

9:00 pm to 2:00 am

The Chateau 1112 Southmore Avenue Houston ,TX 77004

Music by Jazz Band The Vintage 15 from Austin, TX

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